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a better future
Together we create websites 
and branding for good people
A designer + an editor = c-c-combo
Hi, we are Busy
Busy is a tiny studio with a focused approach. We care that our design makes sense and has a positive impact. And we are concerned about your business goals.
Mary Yartceva,
art-director, partner
Julia Sabukevich
editor, partner
Kate Evtushenko,
One more superhero
Actually, there are more than three of us. To do our work fast and to make it fabulous we invite our friends: copywriters, designers, product managers, researсhers.
If you want to join in and become our friend or colleague too, email us
zero code
project management
The two things we make
We'll help you present even a complex product in a simple way. Not only do we follow the trends, but make websites catchy, emotional, and about you.

We begin with the copywrite and then proceed to design and layout.
We immerse into the product, research the target market and the competition to find out who you are and how the design can help reflect your values.

Our goal is not just a shiny brand book with mockups, it’s a working style and positioning.
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Here we’re going to show our case studies. For now, here’s a bird as a symbol of putting trust into the folks who have just released their brand new website
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